What Can Entrada Group Do For You?

Now that you know the advantages of Mexico manufacturing, you are probably wondering how to begin. That’s where Entrada Group can help.

Starting on Day One, we work as your partner, not as a subcontractor. Entrada Group directly takes on the challenges of locating in Mexico for you with our Five-Pillar platform of support:

  • Start-up expertise to get your operation up and running in 90 days without the need to create a Mexican legal entity. This allows you to start recouping your costs and earning a profit much sooner.

  • Corporate infrastructure to manage Mexico’s ever-changing bureaucracy. For example, our CTPAT expertise can help put your finished product on the U.S. side of the border in less than 15 hours. Plus, we can help you get your VAT refunded five times faster than if you’d done it yourself.

  • Two strategically located campuses that provide more than one million square feet of manufacturing space. These support a workforce of more than 6,000 people, more than 700 of them involved in production and quality management, including engineers and skilled technicians.
  • Managed by a shared service center with expertise in all Mexican General Administration positions concerning HR, labor relations, finance and accounting. Other areas of support include logistics; IT; security; environmental, health and safety; and community/government relations.

  • Help with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of your expandable facility and its utilities/infrastructure. This approach gives you the flexibility to grow or downsize as needed – something that no developer would allow. With our Five Pillars, Entrada Group takes major burdens and risk off your shoulders so your business can focus on the things it does best, instead of navigating through red tape.