Mexico Manufacturing: You'll Never Be More Competitive

Are you familiar with the advantages of Mexico manufacturing for export to the North American market?

Mexico Manufacturing: Very Cost Competitive

BCG Global Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index Manufacturing-cost index, 2018 (US = 100)

Mexico: A Cost-Competitive Solution Within Reach

Are you doing all you can to take advantage of the massive USMCA free-trade market? Have you considered the benefits of establishing a low-cost-country manufacturing operation in your own backyard, instead of relying on manufacturers in Asia?

The time has come to make the move to Mexico manufacturing. Why? Because Mexico offers truly significant advantages that can position your company to compete in the 2020s and beyond. Consider this: A facility in Mexico can place you within mere hours or days of your business partners and customers, instead of weeks. We bet that finding skilled labor is probably one of your biggest challenges. Did you know that Mexico’s labor force is among the most productive and well-educated in the world? Young people there are attracted to the challenges and upward mobility of manufacturing work, and Mexico each year mints more than 100,000 new graduates in engineering, manufacturing and construction-related fields. Mexico offers many other advantages as well, such as an outstanding multimodal logistics network. Plus, Mexico boasts 46 free trade agreements with 13 countries, making it a convenient platform for delivering quality, cost-competitive products to your clients. In addition, Mexico is a major beneficiary of foreign direct investment. And, as you’ll see in the neighboring bar chart, manufacturing in Mexico is extremely cost-competitive compared to other industrialized nations. We think the real question is, why not manufacture in Mexico?

Reduced costs are not the only benefit to relocating to Mexico. The country offers many other advantages as a manufacturing hub.